The new reliable, innovative, and professional transport service in Quebec.

Alfred is a passenger transport company which targets first the corporate and institutional deals.

About us

Who's Alfred?

Alfred is a passenger carrier different from others, since it is reliable, professional, and innovative.

It selects its friends

Alfred is selective in choosing its colleagues. To work for Alfred, you have to be a professional, trained, and licensed driver, who likes to serve clients and the road.

At Alfred, we offer you a perfect ride, if not it’s for free. As for hiring unprofessional drivers, Alfred leaves that to Hubert.

It listens to you

After each ride, Alfred invites you right away to give grades to your driver and his car. The drivers who get bad grades will be called for a meeting quickly.

The drivers who are repeatedly unable to meet the clients’ expectations will no longer be part of Alfred’s team.

It keeps its word

Alfred keeps its word. When it promises you to be present on-site and escort you, it ensures you this matter. If, exceptionally, a driver cannot respect his commitment to you, because he had a flat tire or for being stuck in traffic, Alfred will send you one of its “firefighters”. This will not have any impact on you as the ride will be for free.

It’s easy to book a ride with Alfred, wherever and whenever you would like to.

Alfred remains up to date

To order a ride, Alfred invites you to use its mobile app or website. Therefore, the rides are distributed electronically and Alfred has more time to monitor the quality of service.

Alfred goes green

100% of Alfred cars are hybrid. Moreover, Alfred invites you to insert your destination into the electronic platform, in order to create tracks, which are optimized by algorithms. Therefore, Alfred’s cars serve more clients while running less kilometers and releasing less greenhouse gas.

Alfred addresses specific clients

Alfred targets first business and corporate clients. For the first phases, only the companies and institutions which have a contract with Alfred will be able to contact it for transportation. In this way, Alfred is able to ensure that each ride is fully reliable.

How can I recognize Alfred?

We are easy to recognize, but difficult to forget! We ensure you a transport experience that meets your expectations.

It’s on time

Our taxis wait for you patiently at the specified time and location.

It’s clean

Our cars are clean and new.

It’s smiling

All our drivers are professional, smiling, and quiet.

It’s easy to book a ride with Alfred, wherever and whenever you would like to.

Do you have any questions?

Do you want to speak to Alfred?

710 Rue Bouvier, bureau 215, Québec, Qc, G2J 1C2

For an advance reservation of one hour or more:

For an immediate request, communicate
directly with Taxi Coop Beauport at

418-476-8739 #1